Angular JS vs React JS – An overview

There is often this confusion of  AngularJS vs ReactJS – what is good for your business ?  this is because the two big frameworks that come into picture are the angularjs and reactjs  for web app development.  Different sizes of organization exist in the modern world and different organizations prefer different high functionality frameworks for their application development which need to be robust and in stipulated time frame.

Angular JS – Introduction


Angular JS is a structural framework for development of dynamic web apps. It uses HTML as the base language and extends its capabilities to develop your application. HTML is more of a static document language but for creating applications you require more of a dynamic structure and that is provided by Angular JS. The combination of the two is extremely expressive, readable and development time is also very less.

As Angular JS is a fully equipped MVC framework, it provides some great features that are extremely dynamic and out of box. It is more users friendly and hence developers adapt very quickly and switching between different teams becomes easier. Since its origin is from framework, components of Angular JS can be easily used with other frameworks. It also provides the choice of environment for development. Typescript being the most popular, people can still chooses JavaScript or Dart. Writing test scripts for Angular JS is also very easier especially if the same modules mentioned in the official documentation are used. 

Although there are few disadvantages of Angular JS like in the initial phase it is difficult to learn and has a steep learning curve. The more you embed interactive components the slower this framework becomes. Also integration of any third party is a bit complicated.


React JS- Introduction

reactjsReact JS is an open source JavaScript library developed by Facebook and other community that makes it simple to develop interactive GUIs. It helps to create simple views for different states of your application. React JS efficiently render the right components anytime your data changes.

React JS is more SEO friendly. One can run the ReactJS on the server and the virtual DOM will return and render to the browser as a normal web page. JSX is an HTML like syntax that compiles upto Javascript React JS is more intuitive and focused on user interface which is not like Angular JS. It gives a high responsive interface between Native environment of device and native ReactJS. This makes the application to run smooth without any lags or interruptions. React JS is also highly efficient since it creates its own virtual DOM where all the components are kept.

React JS also has some disadvantages for integrating in the MVC framework and it also requires in depth knowledge of the concerning integration

In recent times all organizations are looking to build robust applications in shorter time and often find themselves in fix as to which to choose between Angular JS and React JS. Let’s look at some key factors which might help in clearing the confusion.

In the previous year’s web app performance always proved to be a vital issue and users had to download mobile apps for better and richer experience. Now due to JavaScript’s framework the performance has improved and also the demand for web apps. For a long time JavaScript has sustained its market position. JavaScript is one of the most lightweight and commonly used scripting languages, its major role is to create dynamic web content. Programmers are able to modify the functions as per their convenience and that is the effect of JavaScript’s frameworks being written in JavaScript.

Frameworks are primarily used for designing of different websites, but JavaScript’s frameworks are tools that make working with JavaScript more comfortable and easier. JavaScript’s popularity lies within its versatility since it can be used for both frontend and backend development along with testing of web applications.

Basically, frameworks are more commonly used for the designing of the website, but JavaScript frameworks are a type of tool that make it working with JavaScript easier and smoother. Also, the primary reason behind its popularity is its versatility and can be used for both frontend and backend development and testing and web applications.

1.React.Js Vs. Angular.Js – Base Comparison

React JS turns out to be the prime choice of developers since it is an open-source JavaScript library. On the other hand Angular JS is an MVC framework with all feature set  is used by lesser percent of people as compared to React JS.

Angular JS was introduced in 2009 as an open-source that allows developers to design unique solutions especially with single page apps development. It mainly works with features like routing, dependency injection and deep linking to ensure app security of the highest level. Many popular companies like Google, Amazon, Udemy, Snapchat use Angular JS for their first app development.

React.JS is an open source JS libarary and not merely a framework developed in 2013. This JS framework was specifically launched to resolve different issues related to rendering of the apps if the datasets turn out to be large and ensure excellent app performance. React.Js is mainly dependent of Views from the MVC architecture and hence used to work on dynamic User interface that have high incoming traffic. Major companies that are using this framework for their app development includes Facebook, Netflix. Instagram.

React.Js, rather than considering it as a framework, is better known as an open-source JavaScript library that was developed by Facebook in 2013. The simple and specific purpose of launching this JS framework is to resolve issues in rendering the large datasets and ensuring excellent app performance. React.js is more dependent on “View” in the MVC architecture and majorly used to operate dynamic User Interface of the web pages with high incoming traffic. Despite being a new framework, Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, Discovery has used this JS framework for app development.

2.Angular.Js Vs React.Js: Popularity

angularjs vs reactjs popularity

Although the age of React’s is very less, it has surpassed Angular Js on Github  in terms of stars  and forks. It has passed with flying colors and is in great demand as JS frameworks. Considering its popularity in the mobile app development, it is sure it will dominate the near future.  However it does not imply that the use of Angular JS will drop down.

Angular Js provides good libraries along with robust solution building that improve the development process. Hence Angular Js still holds its position in the JavaScript frameworks and is used in wide scale development.


3.AngularJs Vs ReactJs: Learning Curve

Main aim of why React Js was introduced was to simplify the process used for complex app development and also provide a range of libraries. This aim kept in mind that developers don’t need to spend hundreds of hours on learning the programming language . On the other hand Angular Js is considered to have a very steep learning curve.

Since React.Js is based on JavaScript programming language , it is much more simpler for the app developers to begin with the development process. Also it has such a simpler design and use of JSX, highly detailed documentation library which makes app development process easily understandable to even new beginners or novice users. The thing to remember though is that there are frequent updates in React and hence it requires regular learning.

In comparison Angular Js requires deeper learning. It is very complex and verbose framework and hence it offers multiple ways to solve a single problem . It requires repeated set of actions due to its component management.

In contrast, the learning curve of Angular.js is considered to be much steeper than React.js. Since Angular.js is a complex and verbose framework that may offer you multiple options to solve a single problem, it has intricate component management that requires repetitive actions.


4. AngularJs Vs ReactJs: Performance and size

While choosing the right framework it is essential to consider few key metrics like performance, app size and number of lines of code used for app development process. Considering these factors ReactJs performs much better than Angular Js due to its Virtual DOM.

It is true that performance and app size have a direct impact on the quality , load time and response time of your app. The choice of framework for any web development will always directly co-relate to the client and user satisfaction.

React.Js is hence very efficient in handling regular updates in the GUI of the app and ensures faster processing of the apps due to the presence of the Virtual DOM. Any performance related issues that occur during UI/UX rendering are also taken care by React.Js

On the contrary Angular.js is popular for its low performance while dealing with complex and dynamically changing applications.



This while comparing these two frameworks based on its features and functionalities they both are superb in the mobile app development space. The above comparison just helps to clear the confusion over both of them and hence choosing between them is a wise decision to take. As every business has its own individual needs, it is very difficult to point out a standalone framework that can cater all the needs.