Most importantly, What is the need for SDLC for developing software?

It is imperative to have an SDLC to helps to transform the project into a Functional and operational structure. Here in this blog will discuss different phases and why these phases are essential.

As long as IT evolves, software methodologies are changing. We should have different software development methodologies to build a quality product. Still, IT is growing as a vast field and SDLC is becoming the most crucial structure. Whole Software companies rely on it to build high quality and advance softwares. This software development life cycle has many stages which is followed to develop any software product. The software development cycle has many iterations followed to create a quality product. 

What is SDLC?

SDLC abbreviated as Software Development Lifecycle model. It has various software lifecycle phases. The software development cycle is a process that is basically used to develop, design, maintain and deploy the high-quality product that will fulfil the customer expectation. 

The primary demand of SDLC is to make high quality, fully structured softwares that can build satisfies the customer requirements.

Although life cycle models in software engineering are not a technical document, it would not be technically challenging to understand the basic concepts of software development. Putting time and effort into the understanding of SDLC is a worthwhile investment. 

Key factors about the Software development Cycle:

  • Guide for the project and satisfies customer needs
  • Evaluating, scheduling and estimating deliverables.
  • Framework for a standard set of
  • Timely delivery to a client

Discuss most important phase of SDLC

  • Requirement gathering and analysis
  • Design
  • Implementation or coding
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance
  • Requirement and Analysis: 

SDLC should have various stages in product development. Lifecycle models in software engineering have varying importance in every stage. Every step plays a very crucial role to develop highly advanced and quality products. The requirement and analysis phase is the most important in software methodologies.

  • Various companies spent only a minor cost in these phases. In the end, the whole structure fails because it will not put efforts into these two most important stages.
  • When you spend considerable time on these two phases, the chances of product failure become less. It also decreases the expenses by producing expected business.
  • Design:

As soon as the analysis phase ends, the design phase begins. In the most important phase of SDLC, the company should start the main work and the company’s resources to fund the project. Here the team members will decide what the project will be at the end. With the development done, the company tries to remove all the risky choices.  

  •   Development:

The most robust phase in the lifecycle model is the development phase. In this phase, software developers work in a full-fledged way to develop a quality product. So that deep work was done in previous steps. This phase starts as the developer gets the design and converted it into the product after that design.

  • Testing:

Testing phases in SDLC is the essential phase. In this phase, the Quality Assurance team comes in the light they ensure that software functions as it will be. This stage involves the bug detection, fixation and the suggested changes provided by the QA team 

  • Deployment

In life cycle models in software engineering, after a lot of testing, the software product comes into the production environment. Here the product is deployed in the replica of the production environment. The developers and customers involved in this phase for testing. If the customers are satisfied with the product, then it goes live.

  • Maintenance:

It is the last phase of SDLC(Software Development Lifecycle). This stage will make the changes based on the users’ feedback. It involves fixing bugs that are still present in the system. The maintenance phase is helping to make the changes or improvements in the SDLC.  

      Various SDLC Models:


Source: Freepik

  • Waterfall Model
  • V-Shaped Model.
  • Big Bang Model.
  • Iterative Model.
  • Agile Model.
  • Spiral Model
  • Conclusion: 

Every phase of system development life cycle models is having a unique. This software development lifecycle model results from years of research and will enhance in the upcoming years. It has various SDLC methodologies, like Agile is the best one. Agile a high demand method used by multiple software development companies. No need to wait for project completion. As soon as any part of the product is developed. The developer will show it to a client. According to the client, suggestions will make changes immediately. Both time and cost decrease with these SDLC methodologies.


What is SDLC?

Key factors about the Software development Cycle:

Discuss most important phase of SDLC

Various SDLC Models: