Mobile Apps Impacting eLearning

Nowadays we are living in an era where every sector like Medical, Finance, Information Technology, Automobiles all are having their applications. Similarly, the most important education sector follows this e-learning approach. All these industries having their personalised approach to teaching.

At the pandemic situation covid-19, the education sector suffers a lot. All the schools and colleges are closed so the only way of teaching for teachers and students in e-learning. 

The education system relies on e-learning after the pandemic because no one is allowed to go anywhere, only online classes and e-learning is done. Mobile Apps Impacting eLearning because its a purely online learning time

Mobile Apps Impacting eLearning

How Mobile Apps Impacting eLearning and education Industry?

Various educational institutions use various mobile apps for teaching and taking exams. Students have to log in there and give exams. Got their results online. A lot of mobile apps were present in the digital market that can be used to increase knowledge and groomed you with a lot of skills,

Professionals use this app to get good certification in their field so that they can improve their knowledge and become more skilled. Various high e-learning sites also present to become more skilled. These mobiles are impacting a lot of the education system now even apps for the students of primary classes are present.

Today’s laptops are replaced by smartphones. Smartphones approximately have the same features as the laptop so no need to open different browsers and do searching. Students can easily access these mobile apps on smartphones so e-learning becomes more convenient. 

According to statistics present nowadays mostly applications present in the app store are for education. 50% of applications present in the mobile app store are for education.

Mobile Apps Impacting eLearning a lot in today’s era of advanced education. These mobile apps are helping the education system a lot in various manners that include mobile apps for children with disabilities, educational apps as well as games.

Merits of e-learning industry:

These days e-learning industry reduces the burden on both students and teachers. Both can easily access these e-learning apps with some basic knowledge. Various mobile app development company build an app. 

Although there are so many merits of e learning:-

Education At Home:

There is no need to be available all the time. Students can easily access these mobile apps anytime wherever they want to access them. People who are not able to take formal education even use these apps and videos to get educated.

Unlimited Learning: 

E-learning is so vast and limitless. Unlimited resources are available to learn different technologies with various resources. Unlimited e-Learning platforms are present in the digital market with lots of free downloadable resources, free live sessions and webinars to get more knowledge.

Affordable Cost:

Lots of freely available courses that you can learn without paying any fees or affordable fees, Mobile applications using different webinars, advertisements to promote their apps.

Quality education does not stick to high-class people nowadays anyone can improve knowledge by using these mobile applications.

Avoid Commutating or Relocation:

Students can save their time and the expense just by learning online. Universities and college accommodation are too expensive in today’s world. E-learning or online learning can help you to save these expenses.

Immediate feedback:

These can help students to take online feedback immediately. Students gave online examinations or solve a quiz and just within a second got results. So that there are no delays in the results and can improve your mistakes immediately.

Access best Educators:

It doesn’t have any restriction for geography so anyone can get educated by the world’s best teachers and best trending courses. This transformation allows education to reach different people at different locations.

Virtual Reality:

It is a very real thing. By following these approaches of learning you can get real-time learning experience like learning in the classroom. VR has video lectures having videos that include learning content. Just sitting in the comfort of your home one can get a real-time learning experience like learning in the classroom. Virtual convocation ceremonies are the most trending things used nowadays.

This can improve the students’ collaboration. Students can easily understand the concept so it increases the pace of learning.

Cons of e-learning:

Moreover, a lot of advantage of the eLearning classes even a lot of students prefer offline classes because it also has some disadvantages What are these ?. Now we are discussing some of the main disadvantages

Lack of accreditation

Only a few of the courses get accreditation from established colleges. Students doing professional courses only from the job point of view but the positive thing is that nowadays companies are finding those students who have done online certification only not accreditation from these websites.

Low completion rates

These e-learning classes and courses have less cost so that people are not so excited about the completion of these courses. According to the latest survey of some of the large course sites, few people are completing these websites. Because a large number of people only searching for the topics they required so don’t need to complete these courses.

Lack of Socialization:

The human habit is to learn things by viewing others. Here in these offline education classes lack interaction between people so they are not able to discuss topics, solve doubts,

Key functionalities Mobile Apps should have:

  • Parents login
  • Student Login
  • News management
  • Id card generation
  • Online payment
  • Fee Generation
  • Attendance Management Calendar
  • Report card Generation
  • Assignment
  • Track record for the student’s academics
  • Storytelling apps


Trends of using offline apps increases because not everyone is connected to the internet easily so that people want to stay connected. Offline apps fulfil the need of every smartphone user to do their work even when they are offline. the e-Learning industry is such a vast and booming industry that everything becomes digital sp that the craze of learning remotely increases. Everyone tries to learn new things just by sitting in their comfort zone. The fundamental reason Mobile Apps impacting eLearning due to pandemic.

This Blog is very essential for the mobile apps impacting eLearning in this era. Here we discuss the advantages, disadvantages, and key features that mobile applications should be required.