Ui trends in 2021

What is UI (User interface)?

The user interface, or UI, of a website, focuses on the design and layout. It can be a series of screens, pages, and visual elements like buttons and icons. An application’s user interface is its graphical layout. It includes the buttons that users press, the text they read, the graphics, sliders, text entry boxes, and all other objects with which the user interacts. This covers everything from the screen layout to the transitions and interfaces animations to each and every micro-interaction. Every graphic element, interaction, and animation must be created.


What is UX? (User experience)

UX refers to the user experience, Which is concerned with how something will function and how people will interact with it. The process by which design teams create products that give users meaningful and relevant experiences is known as user experience (UX) design. This covers aspects such as branding, design, usability, and function, as well as the entire acquisition and integration process.


KEY functions of UI and UX:

ui,ux trends in 2021

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  1. User experience (UX) is concerned with the meaning and functionality of a product. UI refers to the standard of the user’s end-interaction with the product.
  2. When it comes to the design and interface, UI designs have an artistic component. UX has a more social side when it comes to market study and connecting with clients to understand their needs. 
  3. During the concept, production, and implementation phases, UX focuses on analysis. The User interface, which has a more technical aspect, is used to generate the design components for the finalised product.


Trending UI (User interface design)/UX (user experience designs) you should use in 2021.


1. Unique Illustration :


Without uttering a word, digital graphics are the ideal method to express your business or product’s stories. Illustrations impart multiple ideas, feelings, and moods, in a shorter period of time. There are so many types of illustration we can add for example Digital or hand-drawn, 2D, 3D, custom illustrations and so many. This will assist you in creating a pleasant and supportive environment that will provide a better user experience. Illustrations are the most effective technique to grab customers’ attention and quickly convey what the company or brand has to offer.


  • It can support visual division on screen.
  • Pull the viewer’s attention to the frame’s most important parts.
  • It provides visual triggers that transmit the message quickly.


2. 3D Elements : 

3D features seem to be on the rise in User interface design trends. 3D components, in general, may provide an immersive visual experience that lifts flat design to new heights.

You can quickly capture your users’ interest with 3D components. Developers and designers may be challenged to build an inventive and distinct visual experience for users as a result of such a solution.


3. Dark Mode:


In recent years, the dark mode has become one of the most popular elements in web/app design. It offers a different visual theme. The dark mode allows users to personalise the look and feel of their platform.

-It simply just modern and sophisticated 

-It can even save battery power

-In low-light situations, it is more visually pleasing.


4. Motion designs:


Motion design aids in the creation of engaging and simple user interfaces. When implemented correctly, the motion may enhance the user experience with your digital product while also delivering a brand message. You may apply animation to bring value and improve many areas of your users’ interactions by aligning it with their needs. This can help us communicate with the audience and give the topic more dimension. 


5. Micro interaction: 

     Microcontact moments are extremely valuable in providing end-users with a genUIne human experience. They’re not only decorative elements; they’re also successful when combined with the user’s action triggers. It has the potential to have a good emotional impact on the user. Users are encouraged to interact with a website by reacting to a notification or sharing material via micro-interaction. 



6. AI and automation:

Artificial intelligence is currently one of the most advanced technologies available. It’s the act of machines or equipment operating in a proactive manner. This technology has the potential to produce amazing user experiences. The primary job of AI is to integrate it with websites and mobile applications and automate operations such as data collection and analysis. 


Best UI/UX design software in 2021


  •  Sketch 
  •  Cux
  •  One
  •  Proto.io
  •  Adobe xd 
  •  UX pin
  •  Invision studio
  •  Marvel
  •  Figma
  •  Flinto

 To wrap up,

These were the most popular user interface patterns in 2021, and they will continue to be popular in 2022. The idea is to optimise a user’s interaction with a product app/website/even a page on a more granular level, as with any User interface pattern.