Meaning Of Software Quality and Ways to Measure it

Software Quality is just the simplest way to assure quality within the software system. It’s the set of activities that guarantee processes, procedures also as standards appropriate for the project and enforced properly.

Software Quality Assurance is a method that works parallel to development of a software system. It focuses on up the method of development of software system so that issues will be prevented before they become a serious issue. Software Quality Assurance is a quite an Umbrella activity that’s applied throughout the software method.

The metrics for measuring software quality can be extremely technical, but can concentrate into the following four essential categories:

  • Code quality

  • Performance

  • Security

  • Usability

Meaning Of Software Quality and Ways to Measure it

Bug-free and semantically correct code is extremely necessary for premium software system. Code quality standards are divided into quantitative and qualitative metrics. Quantitative quality metrics measure how massive or advanced the software system program is the quantity of lines and functions it contains, what percentage of bugs there are per 1,000 lines of code, and more. Qualitative code quality metrics live options like maintainability, readability, clarity, efficiency, and documentation. These metrics measure how simple the code is to scan, understand, and if it’s written per coding standards.


Every software system program is made for a purpose. Performance metrics measure if the merchandise fulfils its purpose and if it performs the method it’s meant to. It additionally refers to how the application uses resources, its measurability, client satisfaction, and response times.


Software security metrics measure the inherent safety of a software system program, and guarantee there aren’t any unauthorized changes within the product once it’s handed  over to the consumer.


Since all software system products are designed for an end-user, a vital quality metric is whether or not the program is practicable and easy. We tend to additionally make sure that the consumer is pleased with the options and performance.

Meaning Of Software Quality and Ways to Measure it

Measuring Software System Quality: Waterfall Methodology

Waterfall methodology is once we set up, execute, test, and deliver in distinct phases. Every section is completed before succeeding one begins. As a result, with a product developed exploitation this technique, we want to take care of the standard of the product at each stage – necessities, design, implementation, verification (or testing), and maintenance. Since the testing is finished at the end of the build, it takes less time and doesn’t need a lot of regression testing.

Measuring software system Quality: Agile

The Agile methodologies are additional responsive and versatile, wherever the event is shifting into phases, or sprints. The goal is that at the tip of every sprint, which might be between 2 to 6 weeks long, we tend to deliver a high-quality minimum viable product that’s absolutely useful and tested. This suggests we’ve got to make sure we tend to maintain product package quality at every step, in every sprint. Product developed using the agile methodologies are tested more typically. However, it additionally means they have constant regression testing to make sure that an update hasn’t broken the functionalities that were tested and passed in earlier builds.

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